TBL (Textual Bilingualism in Latin) is a database designed to investigate linguistic phenomena resulting from contact between Greek and Latin in Late Latin literary texts. The label “textual bilingualism” is to be understood as including various kinds of use of Greek in Latin literature depending on the specific “degree” of competence of the various authors in spoken and written Greek. The TBL corpus has been created to study these uses and to assess both quantitatively and qualitatively the degree of bilingualism in literary texts belonging to different genres and attested across a long historical period (from the 3th century AD to the 7th century AD). These texts have been annotated using a TEI language which is specific to textual bilingualism and which has been created by our research team.

This resource is the first outcome of our project, carried out at the University of Eastern Piedmont (Department of Humanities) and financed by the Compagnia di San Paolo. A brief description of the whole project is available here.

On the TBL website, users can carry out both simple and advanced searches regarding various Greek-Latin contact phenomena. More information on how to use the corpus can be found here.

An interactive bibliography on Greek-Latin bilingualism, compiled by different scholars, can be consulted here.

Only registered users are able to download texts (pdf, xml, epub) and bibliographical results. You can register for free here.




Nonius Marcellus online


A new text is now available on the TBL website: the De compendiosa doctrina libri XX by Nonius Marcellus.

Augustinus (Ps.) online


A new text is now available on the TBL website: Quaestionum in Heptateuchum libri septem by Augustinus (Ps.).

Commentum Terentii online


The Commentum Terentii by Eugraphius is now available on the TBL website.

Hermeneumata Stephani online


The Hermeneumata Stephani (Dositheus Ps.) are now available on the TBL website.

A new text online


A new text is now available on the TBL website: Adnotationes super Lucanum: Supplementum.

Hermeneumata Monacensia online


The Hermeneumata Monacensia (Dositheus Ps.) are now available on the TBL website.

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